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FAQs – Health Workforce Directorate (HWD) – 2022 Academic Year

Questions answered in this document:

  1. Who is eligible to apply for Health Workforce Directorate (HWD) funding?
  2. What does HWD funding cover?
  3. How do I apply for HWD funding?
  4. When do applications for HWD funding need to be submitted?
  5. What is Māori and Pacific support funding and how do I apply for this?
  6. How do I know what the prioritisation strategy is for decisions regarding funding?
  7. When will I know if my application has been approved?
  8. How many study days am I entitled to?
  9. How do I request travel and accommodation?
  10. What if I feel that I am struggling and may not end up passing my paper?
  11. What if I move or change jobs?
  12. What do I need to do once I have finished my paper?
  13. What if I have other queries regarding HWD funding?


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Page last updated: 21 April 2022

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