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Provide details of PPE as applicable: the locations, quantities, brand names, number of uses, purchase dates and expiry dates

RE Official information request CDHB 10303 and WCDHB 9422

We refer to your letter dated 25 March 2020 and received 30 April 2020 requesting the following information under the Official Information Act from Canterbury DHB and West Coast DHB with regard to Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), CT scanners, Oxygen tanks and Ventilators. Specifically:

We are asking all DHBs to share with us, and ideally place on their websites, the following information as applicable on the items listed below: the locations (e.g. hospital name), quantities, brand names, number of uses (i.e. are they disposable or reusable?), purchase dates and expiry dates:
1 – 6 . Gowns, Masks, Goggles , Gloves, Disinfectant (e.g. bleach) and Hand sanitiser


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Page last updated: 17 June 2020

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