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A copy of each referral pathway for each region in New Zealand

RE Official information request CDHB 10306 and WCDHB 9423

We refer to your email dated 3 April 2020 to the Ministry of Health which they subsequently partially transferred to Canterbury DHB and West Coast DHB on 1 May 2020 requesting the following information with regard to consumers rights and physicians’ obligations. Specifically, the Ministry has transferred to us the following:

According to the Health and Disability Commissioner (Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights) Regulations 1996, Right 6 clause 3 (c),”Every consumer has the right to honest and accurate answers to questions relating to services, including questions about…(c) how to obtain an opinion from another provider;”. Further, Right 7 clause 8 states: “Every consumer has the right to express a preference as to who will provide services and have that preference met where practicable.” According to the MoH Operational Policy Framework 2019/20, available through Nationwide Service Framework Library; section 7.5.2 “Regions should ensure that clear referral pathways are in place and known to all clinicians.”

1. I respectfully request a copy of each referral pathway for each region in New Zealand.


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