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Influenza Immunisation Programme – 2021
Department: West Coast wideDivision: West Coast DHB


The 2021 Influenza (flu) Immunisation Programme started on 14 April 2021, for people aged 65 and over.


The programme for people aged under 65 started on 17 May.


Please contact your general practice team to discuss getting vaccinated.


Flu vaccinations

  • The flu vaccine is available for people most at-risk of developing a serious illness from influenza. This is to help protect the more vulnerable members of our community, given the additional current health risks from COVID-19.
  • A free flu shot is available from your GP team if you have certain chronic conditions, or for your child aged 4 or under if they have a history of severe respiratory illness.
  • A free flu shot is available from many pharmacies or your GP team if you are over 65 or pregnant.
  • The flu vaccine does not protect you against COVID-19, however, it can help you prevent a serious illness from flu and help reduce demand on our health system.
  • Ask your GP or pharmacy staff for more information.


More info on the Ministry of Health website

More information about the programme is available on the Ministry of Health’s website.

See also: General info about Immunisation.

Page last updated: 28 January 2022

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