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Connect with nature for wellbeing

Friday 19 August 2016Media release2 minutes to read

How do you connect with nature?  And how does it make you feel?

A Buller group organising an event from 10 – 16 October to support wellbeing for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) is looking for input from locals.

Buller MHAW coordinator Ade Holland says she would love locals to send her their ideas, to be used as part of a display in the Westport Clocktower Building on Wednesday 12 October.

“We know there’s all sorts of ways people ‘Connect with Nature’ – gardening, fishing, tramping, star-gazing, swimming, walking on the beach or in the bush, even just being outdoors.  We want people to send us 20 words on how they ‘Connect with Nature’, and also tell us how it makes them feel.  We’re going to print these and put them around the walls in the venue for this year’s Buller MHAW event,” Ade says.

The organisers are looking for local groups and individuals who might want to be involved on the day, participating in activities or perhaps offering demonstrations or teaching something to do with the theme.

“We’ve got a few things sorted already, but the more the merrier.  Groups can just contact me at Buller Health, (03) 788-9234, if they want to be part of the day.  And anyone can send me their 20 words on how they ‘Connect with Nature’, plus how it makes them feel.  They can either put their name to it, or be anonymous.  We’re hoping people who drop in during the day will be inspired by reading about how others ‘Connect with Nature.'”


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