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West Coast DHB bringing its food services in-house from 1 October 2019

Monday 2 September 2019Media release3 minutes to read

Green balloons depicting the WellFood logoWest Coast DHB has announced that it is taking over management of all its food services from 1 October 2019.

The current provider, Spotless Services, will not be retained when its contract expires on 30 September, however the DHB is offering ongoing employment to all current food services staff. Food services operates in Grey Base Hospital, Reefton Health Centre and Buller Health and covers patient meals, Meals on Wheels, the café at Grey Hospital and staff meals.

The move follows the same step taken by Canterbury DHB in 2017 to bring its food services under the DHB’s management rather than an external provider. The service took on a new name and branding, Wellfood, and the services on the Coast will use the same branding. The operation of food services on the West Coast under the current contract has been overseen by a joint Canterbury and West Coast team for more than seven years, and this set up will continue. The same team also oversee the Wellfood service in Canterbury

The DHB’s food service enjoys high levels of customer satisfaction and the same quality of food and service will continue, with plans over time to enhance the range of healthy choices and locally sourced produce. The DHB will continue to use similar food production methods. 

The only visible change to the public will be the logo on the food service staff uniforms, which will change from Spotless to Wellfood.

West Coast DHB has let all 30 food service workers and their managers currently employed by Spotless Services know that it is seeking to employ them from 1 October. Both West Coast DHB and Spotless are committed to the wellbeing of the employees affected by this decision and have engaged with Etu, the food services union, to ensure that the staff are kept well informed and that they understand what the transition means for them individually.

The food service workers’ new contracts with West Coast DHB will contain the same terms and conditions as their current contracts, and they will enjoy additional benefits as West Coast DHB employees.

West Coast DHB’s Acting Chief Executive Mary Gordon says, “I would like to acknowledge the 11 years’ service and valued relationship we’ve had with Spotless who took over the contract back in 2008.

“Between now and 1 October there’s a lot of behind the scenes details to work through and we will continue to work cooperatively with Spotless Services, their staff, and union to ensure a smooth transition.”


For more information contact:
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