Hospital visitors don’t need a COVID-19 Vaccine Pass, but do need to scan in. See our COVID-19 page for general COVID-19 advice, detailed hospital visiting guidelines and COVID-19 tests.

See for info on vaccinations.

If you have the NZ COVID Tracer App, you can now scan as you enter West Coast DHB facilities

Friday 5 June 2020Health news2 minutes to read

NZ COVID Tracer AppWest Coast DHB has created QR codes for use with the NZ COVID Tracer App and you will be able to find posters at the entrances of many West Coast DHB facilities.
If you have the app installed on your phone or device, please scan the QR code each time you enter one of our facilities. This helps make contact tracing easier.

Under Alert Level 2 we are still applying visitor restrictions at all our facilities as a precaution, to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

We also ask you to check in ‘manually’ at the main entrance each time you come.

We apologise for the time this takes, but here’s why we need you to stop on your way in:

  • We need to check you are well – we will ask a few key questions about your health and the places you have visited recently.
  • To help with contact tracing – because not everyone will have the NZ COVID Tracer App installed.
  • To register your name as designated visitor for a specific person – to reduce the number of people passing through our facilities.

To keep up to date with current visitor restrictions, visit West Coast DHB’s COVID-19 visitor restrictions.

For the latest on New Zealand’s progress on keeping out COVID-19 visit Unite Against COVID-19.


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Page last updated: 16 July 2020

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