We are at ORANGE according to the NZ COVID-19 Protection Framework.  Protect yourself and our community by getting boosted, wearing a mask when out and about and reducing contact with others. Hospital visitors don’t need a Vaccine Pass, but must wear a surgical/medical paper mask. Fabric face coverings are no longer acceptable.  See our COVID-19 page for general COVID-19 advice, detailed hospital visiting guidelines and COVID-19 tests.

See for info on vaccinations.


What is an accessible website?

An accessible website is one that accommodates a full range of people, removing any barriers so that a website can be used by anyone. 

Here at the West Coast DHB we aim to achieve and maintain very good website accessibility.  We also recognise that it is very hard for a large website to consistently maintain 100% compliance. Through regular and continued improvement of our website services we aim to meet as many WAI Level AA and AAA guidelines as achievable.

In February 2019 this website passed a WCAG 2 AA and WCAG 2 AAA check using the website accessibility testing tool While compliance with WCAG guidelines is not the only indicator of accessibility, it does confirm that a website has a good basic level of accessibility and has been built in a professional and considerate way.

Changing text size 

You can use your browser settings to change the text size for all the websites that you visit, something you may want to do if you find the text too small to read. The technique for doing this is slightly different depending on the browser that you use. For advice on how to make those changes in the browser you’re using, we recommend visiting the W3C Web Accessibility Inititiative’s page on this topic.

Page last updated: 5 August 2021

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