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Stop smoking (smoking cessation)
Division: Smoking CessationWest Coast DHBWest Coast PHO

Stop Smoking (smoking cessation) services/programmes on the West Coast

Do cigarettes rule your life?

You can be smokefree

• This is the most important thing you can do for your health
• You can gain control and get rid of your smoking addiction
• You owe it to yourself and your family

Service 1 – Smoking cessation service

The West Coast DHB provides a specialist smoking cessation service. This is being delivered by Ann McDonald in Greymouth (at the Corner House, at 129 High St, opposite the Mobil Service station and New World supermarket) and Jeanette Thomas at Buller Health in Westport.

The service provides:

  • Free individual sessions
  • Direct referrals
  • Cessation programme tailored to meet YOUR needs.
  • We provide a motivating and supportive environment for you to explore your smoking addiction and to make permanent changes.
  • Up to date information on ways to quit and medications that are proven to help.

Remember: using smoking cessation support will double your chance of quitting!

How it works

  • We help you explore the reasons you smoke, and support you in making positive lifestyle changes to become smokefree for life.
  • Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) and other medications may help you through the withdrawals, making it easier to quit.
  • This combined approach has been proven to be more effective to those ready to make this important change in their lives.


Smoking cessation advisors can be reached on:

Ann McDonald

Physical: Cowper Hub, cnr Cowper & Morice Street, Greymouth 7805
Postal: Cowper Hub, WCDHB, PO Box 387, Greymouth 7840
03 769 7488
03 768 6716
027 648 1158

Jeanette Thomas

Physical: Buller Health, Westport
Postal: Buller Health, PO Box 248, Westport
03 788 9238
03 788 8223
027 648 1159

Service 2 – Stop smoking service

Community and Public Health in Greymouth provide the Oranga Hā Tai Poutini stop smoking service, delivered across the Coast by staff based in Hokitika, Greymouth and Westport.  [see their promotional material under our Resources tab on this page]. 

Service 3 – Coast Quit programme

The West Coast PHO funds the Coast Quit programme for all the medical centres and health clinics on the West Coast and the community pharmacies in Hokitika and Greymouth. This programme, which is offered by a trained smoking cessation person at your GP Practice or local pharmacy, provides medication and support to quit smoking, for six to eight weekly or fortnightly sessions, at a maximum patient co-payment of $2.50 per session.

It is based on two ‘active ingredients’:

  1. Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) patches, gum or lozenges, to reduce the withdrawal effects from stopping smoking, and
  2. one-to-one support sessions for several weeks while you make the lifestyle change from smoker to ex-smoker.

The Coast Quit programme can be repeated, if necessary, up to three times in a 12 month period.  Other support options include the national Quitline service 0800 778 778, the hospital-based cessation counselling services in Greymouth 03 769 7488 and Westport 03 788 9238, and the Oranga Ha – Tai Poutini programme 0800 456 121.

Your Coast Quit support person will give you more information about NRT and about dealing successfully with urges to smoke after you’ve decided to stop.

Find out more about the Coast Quit programme.

Service 4 – Smokefree Pregnancy and Newborn Incentives programme

Services 1) and 2) above also provide the Smokefree Pregnancy and Newborn Incentives Programme to assist women who want to quit smoking during pregnancy, and for the first four months after baby is born. In addition to the usual stop smoking medication and support, this programme provides up to $350 in New World vouchers over 12 weeks prior to the birth and up to $250 over 16 weeks after the baby is born.  Read more about Smokefree Pregnancy in our ‘Maternity section’.

Page last updated: 24 January 2020

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