Surgical services (Perioperative Services)
Department: Perioperative Services (Theatre)Division: West Coast DHB


Hospital facilities currently providing surgical services are: Grey Base Hospital at Barclay Ward and Brian Waterson Unit.

  • Sterilising services – decontamination, packing, and sterilisation of equipment for centres and facilities in the West Coast
  • Diagnostic procedures such as endoscopy (gastroscopy, & colonoscopy)
    • Planned surgical procedures in different specialties:
    • General surgery, i.e. hernia repair, & gall bladder removal
    • Orthopaedics, i.e. joint replacement, & carpal tunnel release
    • Gynaecology, i.e. hysterectomy, & tubal ligation
    • Dental treatment for adults and children
    • Paediatric surgery
    • Urology, i.e. prostate and bladder treatment procedures
    • Plastic surgery, i.e. removal of skin lesion and skin cancer
  • Emergency surgical procedures such as caesarean section, & appendicectomy
  • Anaesthetic services
    • Pre Anaesthetic clinic
    • Insertion of lines for antibiotics & chemotherapy
    • Epidural service, i.e. for labour
  • Day surgery unit – same day admission and discharge for surgical procedures

Page last updated: 6 May 2019

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