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Reefton Health

Reefton Health is the home of all West Coast DHB services for Reefton.


Main entrance

103 Shiel St 

Aged care and accessible entrance

120 Broadway

Postal address

PO Box 68

If you are unsure which entrance to use, call our friendly receptionists on 03 732 8605

Phone & Fax



Open Hours

3:00pm4:00pm, except for Christmas Day

Enrolments & GP Fees


If you live in Reefton or are staying for a while, we encourage you to enrol with the practice.

Enrolment is free, and means you can get cheaper healthcare when you need it.

GP Fees

Lower cost general practice visits for children aged 13 years and under.  We are changing things to make visits to this general practice more affordable for your family and whānau.  Find out more…

A full list of fees is available for all West Coast DHB GP clinics including Reefton Health.


Enquiries and feedback

We welcome your feedback about our services and your experiences at Reefton Health.

Note: We are unable to provide medical advice to people by email. Please contact your doctor or the person in charge of your medical care.

Bookings and appointments

Booking an appointment with us is easy!  We ask all patients to book their appointment by calling or visiting the practice, or to use Health365 (more info  below).

You can make appointments to a doctor Monday to Friday 08.30 – 17.00 hours by calling us on 03 732 8605.

Or you can use the Health365 app, which can assist in booking an appointment, ordering repeats and prescriptions, to name a few helpful services.

Please note: The monitoring of test results service advertised on the Health365 site is not available yet for our patients. Please visit our practice, or call us for further details on Health365.

Also, when booking for an appointment with a nurse via Health365 please bear in mind that nurse appointments are limited to 15 minutes only per consultation.  If in doubt as to whether the health care service you require could exceed that time please check with one of our friendly administrators before making an online booking with Health365.

Read our Health365 Information flyer

If you are unable to get a doctor’s appointment we have nurse appointments available every day. You can also attend out walk-in clinics during working hours. To find out when these are held, call us on 03 732 8605.

Reefton Health facilities at a glance


Cycle stands

Disability car parking only

Taxis / Telephone

Disabled & Visitor toilets

Visitor information reception

Four tips to help prevent infections when visiting a patient in a ward

1) Don’t visit any patients if you are feeling unwell

2) Use the alcohol hand rub at our hand hygiene stations

3) Avoid sitting on a patient’s bed – please use chairs provided

4) Don’t use patients only toilets on hospital wards

Page last updated: 4 December 2019

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