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Children’s ward
Division: Children's Health

About the Children’s Ward

Children up to 15 years old who are patients at Te Nīkau, Grey Hospital & Health Centre stay in the children’s ward on the facility’s ground floor.

We encourage family-centred care and therefore ask you to stay with your child and participate in their care. One of the children’s legal guardians must be present to give consent for procedures.

  • Nappies
  • Clean pyjamas
  • Favourite toy or cuddly
  • Baby’s bottle or feeder cup with favourite drink
  • Toothbrush

While staying with your child we expect you to be responsible for your child’s behaviour.

Please feel free to go for a walk or take a break. Please tell staff if you are going somewhere or taking your child for a walk.

If you and your child are in isolation, please follow the unit’s requirements.

Parents, caregivers and family members are welcome to visit at any time.

If your child is staying in at the facility overnight, we provide a bed for one caregiver.

A social worker is available to discuss any needs or problems you may have.

Meals are provided for the child. Hot and cold drinks are available at all times.

Please check with us what your child is allowed to eat or drink before giving them anything. You can buy extra food from the cafeteria.

Please note: We do not supply meals for caregivers. There is a supermarket and service station two minutes’ walk from the facility.

Te Nīkau, Grey Hospital & Health Centre is a smoke free facility. So we ask for no smoking anywhere on this facility’s campus. We offer a quit smoking programme – “Quit for Our Kids”.

Page last updated: 29 July 2020

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