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Find and enrol at a medical practice, clinic or health centre

To keep things simple in this article we will refer to health centres, medical practices, etc, just as clinics.

If you are eligible, enrolling at a clinic means you get cheaper doctor and nurse visits. It also means if you get sick, your health team will already know who you are, and whatever medical history you choose to share when you enrol.

Some clinics have an enrolment limit, so you and your whānau should enrol now, or as soon as you move to a new area.

Finding a health centre or clinic

You can find a health centre or clinic by selecting a link on the table just below:

Name of facilityTownDistrict
Buller HealthWestportBuller
Coast MedicalWestportBuller
Coastal Health Limited | Coastal Health Ltd. FacebookGreymouthGrey
Fox Glacier ClinicFox GlacierSouth Westland
Haast ClinicHaastSouth Westland
Hari Hari ClinicHari HariSouth Westland
Hokitika Health CentreHokitikaWestland
Karamea Health CentreKarameaBuller
Lake Brunner ClinicMoanaGrey
Ngakawau Health CentreNgakawauBuller
Reefton Integrated Family Health CentreReeftonBuller
South Westland Area PracticeFranz JosefSouth Westland
Te Nīkau, Grey Hospital & Health CentreGreymouthGrey
Westland Medical CentreHokitikaWestland
Whataroa ClinicWhataroaSouth Westland


Some practices specialise in certain types of care, such as sports doctors, and some have staff that speak different languages. GPs also have different values, such as Māori primary healthcare providers.

Some clinics charge more than others. All practices list prices on their websites, and you can also call and ask what an appointment costs.

You can call a local PHO for information about clinics in your area. You can also talk to your whānau and friends, and other people in your communities such as at your local school, church or sports club.

How to enrol

Visit your chosen clinic’s reception. You will have to fill out a form with contact details and some basic information about your medical history.

Some practice websites have online enrolment forms.

When to contact your GP

In an emergency, call 111. Otherwise, you should always contact your clinic first, if you or someone in your whānau is sick.

Call your usual clinic’s phone number, and someone will answer the phone at all times. A nurse is available after hours to give free health advice.

For information on how to obtain medicine that needs prescribed, or how to get repeats or renewals for your prescription visit our ‘Renewing prescriptions‘ page.


Page last updated: 7 August 2020

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