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Dietetics and nutrition services
Division: Medical and Surgical

About Dietetics and nutrition services

Your doctor, nurse, clinical specialist, or other health professional may refer you to a dietitian. Dietitians give practical strategies for healthy eating. They often treat people who:

  • Experience unintentional weight loss from cancer or another illness
  • Have diabetes
  • Have reached a stage where they need intervention, advice and regular monitoring
  • Have special nutritional requirements to regain good health
  • Need ongoing monitoring and guidance to stay as well as possible
  • Are receiving palliative care
  • Are pregnant and need special nutrition advice
  • Have recently had surgery
  • Have malnutrition or nutritional deficiencies

The help dietitians provide is based on research and scientific evidence. Dietitians give custom support guidelines to help people reach personal goals. They can prescribe nutritional supplements, minerals, vitamins, and total parental nutrition, but unlike nutritionists they do not give set food plans.

Visit the Dietitians NZ website for more information about dietitians and what they do.

Page last updated: 5 August 2020

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