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West Coast DHB Board endorses Buller Health facility concept design

Wednesday 22 May 2019Facilities News2 minutes to read

Please attribute to David Meates, Chief Executive

Artist impressions - New Buller Health Facility

West Coast DHB’s Board endorsed the final Buller Health facility concept design at their Friday, 10 May meeting. The final design incorporates changes requested by user groups following re-engagement with Buller staff by the design team and West Coast DHB Facilities Redevelopment team earlier this month.

The concept design incorporates a new roof layout which the project architects and engineers worked on during the re-engagement phase. The new roof layout provides additional space within the footprint of the main hospital allowing for the utility areas and storage spaces previously in an ‘out-building’ to be accommodated within the facility itself.

The final floor plan is now 2,290m2 and includes all services, storage spaces and utility areas located within the facility itself. The previous iteration of the Buller Health Centre floor plan had a floor size of 2213m² with an additional 68m² utility building (total 2,281m2), which included storage spaces and utility areas.

The facilities mock-up room space is expected to be established mid-year in an existing building which is a large utility shed/garage on the Buller Health campus. The space will have moveable walls, or tape on the floor to indicate the space available to perform certain tasks.

The proximity to the existing facility will allow Buller staff to fully engage in the next phases of preliminary, developed and detailed design. There will be a number of opportunities for staff, patients/consumers and the wider community to ‘test’ the layout of the various rooms to ensure that they are functional and fit for purpose. We anticipate that the design will be completed by October 2019.

Construction registration of interest will be sought during September 2019 with the construction contract to be let in January 2020. Demolition and construction associated with the new facility is expected to take 550 days with occupation of the new facility expected by September 2021.



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