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1080 operations Buller

RE Official information request WCDHB 9417

We refer to your email dated 14 April 2020 requesting the following information under the Official Information Act from West Coast DHB regarding 1080 operations in the Buller region. Specifically:

1. Could you please supply the log sent from DOC officer 9 (2)(a) to the WCDHB Medical Officer of Health for applications 19/1228/CB/GRYPH and 19/1183/CB/GRYPH to supply “..sufficient evidence to demonstrate compliance with EPA Communication Guidelines for 1080 Operations” and supplying the records of the consultation on managing the public health risks prior to the aerial two 1080 operations above
2. What was the evidence provided that demonstrated that the guidelines had been complied with?
3. What public health risks were identified and how were they to be managed, and how were they managed?
4. Please supply the audits and reports of the whole 1080 operations that resulted in the large presence of carcasses of rats and non-target species on the beach at Westport; including the decision to bury (as opposed to the required disposal in a toxic waste site) and the actual burial.
5. As there was no supervision of the operation by DHB staff who decided that beach burial was adequate in order to safeguard public, animal and environmental health?


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