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Level of insulation at Reefton Integrated Health Centre / Ziman House.

Official Information Request WCDHB 9401

I refer to your email dated 27 February 2020 requesting the following information under the Official Information Act from West Coast DHB.

1. I wanted to enquire into the level of insulation at the Reefton Integrated Health Centre/ Ziman House.
a. Is there underfloor insulation, double glazed windows and when the last time the ceiling was pink batted.
b. Also if there were any plans to insulate the building in the future?


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Lower cost general practice visits – Information Sheet

Lower cost general practice visits, for children aged 13 years and under.

We are changing things to make visits to this general practice more affordable for your family and whānau.

All children aged 13 years and under enrolled with us won’t be charged a fee for a standard visit with a doctor or nurse.


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Management of Child Abuse and Neglect Policy and Procedure

The West Coast District Health Board (WCDHB) recognises that staff competence, and clarity of roles and responsibilities are essential to effective child protection interventions. This supports the accurate detection of suspected and or actual child abuse and neglect, the early recognition of children at risk of abuse and adults at risk of abusing children. This policy seeks to promote and ensure the safety and wellbeing of children and their whānau.

Associated procedures, referral pathways and electronic documentation requirements, e.g. patient management systems, alert/memos and eProsafe requirements, provide WCDHB community and hospital-based staff with a framework to identify, support, assess and respond to actual and/or suspected child abuse and neglect.


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