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Various wait times for public health services

Waiting times for public Health Services in NZ: FSAs, ED admitted, discharged or transferred within six hours, % of hosp beds occupied over six months, MH services patients seen within 3 weeks, average wait for elective surgery over last year.

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Prevalence Motor Neurone Disease

Motor neurone disease – Do you have high stats like the rest of NZ

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Impact and cost of delays in building new Greymouth Hospital

Impact and cost of delays in building new Greymouth Hospital

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DHB documents lost in public place

List of incidents since Jan 2016 in which documents or other materials have been mistakenly left unaccompanied in public such as in a café, taxi

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Thompson and Clark Private Investigations

All Information relating to Thompson and Clark Private Investigations 2014-2018

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Drug related visits to ED

Drug related presentations to Emergency Department over the past five years.

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Complaints re Westland District water supply

Complaints from Westland District residents about council water supply.

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Medical Technology Purchased since 2011

Significant purchases of new medical technology since 2011

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Dangers of spraydrift of pesticides

1080 – Dangers of spraydrift if pesticides and other chemicals. Has this potential health hazard been seriously considered and investigated to date

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Gender dysphoria diagnosis and prevalence

Gender Dysphoria Diagnosis – prevalence and incidence – 27 questions.

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Buller Community Profile Summary

The Buller Community Profile launched on July 7 2016 provides a snapshot in time to help identify local priorities and assist with planning service provision.

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Schedule H Medicines Budget 2016-2017

The entire Schedule H budget $value

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Has DHB contracted MethCon to do any work in past two years? If so how much has been spent on MethCon and for what purpose. Please provide details of the service or project.

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Assaults on staff and patients at all mental health facilities since 2008

Assaults on staff and patients at all mental health facilities since 2008

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Advisory Committee Meeting – 29 June 2018

Advisory Committee Papers for 29 June 2018 Meeting

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Integrated Pharmacist services – community

Integrated Pharmacist services – community

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